[lazarus] Lazarus memory leaks when painting

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 11 19:54:45 EDT 2002

On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 23:30:07 +0200
Michal Bukovjan <bukovjan at mbox.dkm.cz> wrote :

>Looks like we are leaking a decent amount of memory with Lazarus when 
>painting occurs.
>Try running Lazarus, move your mouse to and fro over the component palette 
>speedbuttons row, several times, memory usage grows by a megabyte.
>Do that few times more, and Lazarus memory usage grows from about 8MB to 
>27MB in my case!

Sorry, that would be my fault... untill Palettes are supported I have added 
an internal Visual and Colormap to Bitmaps. In DeleteObject I accidently put 
gdk_visual_REF, and gdk_colormap_REF, instead of UNREF.. DOH! just goes to 
show you coding at 1am on a system with 768Mb ram isn't safe...

There are also a few routines which do not free an existing colormap when 
you create a new one, but these aren't that big of a deal yet.. I have tall 
of them I know of taken care of on my system. So I will just go ahead and 
send another patch to Mattias as soon as I can tonight.. Sooner then I was 
going too, but on lesser systems..errhem, systems with less memory.. ;-), 
this could be a serious problem.


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