[lazarus] Using nightly diffs in windows NT

Hart, Jamie Jamie.Hart at Savant.co.uk
Thu Sep 12 05:47:34 EDT 2002


I'm trying to update my version of lazarus using the nightly diff file but
am having some difficulty.

Now I must admit that this is all new to me so it may be my own fault.

I downloaded the base version 14/6/2002 and the diff from the website.  I
then downloaded the windows version 2.54 of the GNU patch utility.

I uncompressed lazarus to C:\LAZARUS the uncompressed the Diff file
"LAZARUS_2002-06-14_2002-09-11.DIFF" into the same directory.  Also to make
things easy I copied PATCH.EXE into that directory.

after checking the help "patch --help" I ran with the command line:

  Patch --batch -p2 < LAZARUS_2002-06-14_2002-09-11.DIFF

All was going well until I got this:

  patching file components/synedit/synedithighlighter.pp
  Hunk #2 FAILED at 39.
  Hunk #3 succeeded at 660 (offset 1 line).
  Hunk #5 succeeded at 841 (offset 1 line).
  Hunk #7 succeeded at 983 (offset 1 line).
  1 out of 7 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file
  patching file components/synedit/synhighlightercpp.pp
  patching file components/synedit/synhighlighterhtml.pp
  patching file components/synedit/synhighlighterlfm.pas
  Hunk #2 FAILED at 53.
  Hunk #3 succeeded at 123 (offset 1 line).
  1 out of 4 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file
  patching file components/synedit/synhighlighterpas.pp
  Assertion failed: hunk, file patch.c, line 343

At which point it bombs out, I'm lost as to why it's doing this. so could
anyone who's used the diff under windows give me some pointers as to what's

Thanks for your time.

Jamie Hart
"The theoreticians have proven that this is unsolvable,
but there's three of us, and we're smart..."  
                Dr Arthur Norman (Cambridge University) 

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