[lazarus] New component: TCheckbook

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Sat Sep 14 14:53:36 EDT 2002

I know - I already submitted the web link for it but thought it a big enough deal that I should e-mail it too!

I just completed my first release of my TCheckbook component.  It practically encapsulates all the workhorse stuff that packages like Microsoft Money have to do.  All that's needed is a little UI work and some load/save routines and you have a complete financial package.

Thanks goes out to Andrew Johnson for his assistance with the scrolling code (and subsequent patch to Lazarus).

Check it out (with screenshot) at:


It's designed to be a visible component in the LCL as soon as Lazarus will support design-time addition of components.  Then you will be able to drag and drop it straight on a form to build an application around it.

Source is fully commented, so hopefully someone will get something out of it.



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