[lazarus] Localization site

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Sep 16 09:16:31 EDT 2002

> <rant mode>
> - just type fpc - it lists 40 lines and wants Enter - why? I can use 
> fpc|more or fpc|less, I have a bigger terminal, and it bugs me to hit 
> Enter several times

Use "fpc -h" and it will not wait.

> - [I may be misinformed here] - why fpcmake? Why not standard GNU 
> autoconf/make stuff? It is meant to be programming language independent, 
> right?

- autoconf/automake is unix (POSIX shell) specific
- autoconf is mostly used to detect the capabilities of the C compiler. We don't need all
that kind of things for fpc.
- The speed of autoconf automake is very slow
- You need a lot of other tools and files

> And one day, perhaps, we will not see Lazarus executable 9MB large and 
> counting...

What do you want a lazarus.so of 8,990 mb and a 10kb lazarus executable?

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