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Gerry Ferdinandus gerry_ferdinandus at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 16 10:08:03 EDT 2002

>From: Karl Brandt <pascalive at bol.com.br>
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>To: lazarus at miraclec.com
>Subject: [lazarus] Client area under win32
>Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 19:41:32 -0300
>Some time ago there was a discussion about the client area in the win32 
>interface [I lost the thread].
>If  i'm not wrong, the problem is that is smaller than the gtk interface 
>where the clientarea = windowarea,
>so i tried  to work on it.
>The results are attached.
>With these modifications the TForm.Width property sets the ClientWidth and 
>not the WindowWidth.
>Note that it is not the Delphi behavior!
>The way i done it's not the best (and it's not complete: it would check the 
>presence of menu and  the style).
>I think better approach is to implement the  
>InterfaceObject.AdjustWindowRect function
>for calculate the proper window size _before_ send the LM_SETSIZE message.
>And later  implement the ClientHeight,ClientWidth as in Delphi.
>By the way, is there anyone currently working with the win32 interface?
>There was a try to make a group some threads ago.
>I'd like to contact. Maybe i can help.
><< win32int-diff.zip >>

Hi Karl,

Thank you for showing interest in win32 interface.

I am studying the win32 interface code to see what is the best approach to 
finish the job.
The best approach is I thing to finish it at ‘message’ level one by one.
For example:
Finish LM_CREATE for all components + testing.
Finish LM_DESTROY for all components + testing.
Finish LM_SHOWHIDE for all components + testing.

And not ‘jumping‘ from one bug fix to another bug fix.
With this approach is too difficult to organize the ‘work’.
And there is the possibility of to much method/event that’s not implemented 
with the above ‘jumping‘ approach.

At this moment there are no win32 team group.
You can send E-Mail directly to me for offline ‘work’ discussions.
And team up with me?

3 Potential Windows32 interface programmer:
Markus Lüdin E-Mail: markus at luedin.com
Karl Brandt  E-mail: pascalive at bol.com.br
Gerry Ferdinandus E-mail: Gerry_ferdinandus at hotmail.com

Gerry FErdinandus

I personally think that LCL + (GTK/Win32) interface should have the same 
behaviour as VCL and/or CLX.
This is to avoid long discussions.
If the GTK interface is not VCL/CLX compatible then the GTK team should fix 
it if possible.

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