[lazarus] Localization site

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Sep 16 10:57:07 EDT 2002

> >Then your terminal is behaving badly. Are lines and columns variables set
> >correctly?
> >
> I resize my terminal (gnome-terminal) any way I see fit. "more", "less", 
> "info", "man", Midnight Commander, all work just fine at any size.

Most of them either use Ncurses (like e.g. the IDE), or have a lot of extra
code to fix this. Has nothing to do with libc.

> >I would assume MacOS X to use FreeBSD's libc, since its userland is derived
> >from it.
> >
> I though glibc == libc these days.

No. Only Linux, cygwin/mingw/djgpp and maybe BeOS and OS/2 afaik.

> Looks like locale aware sorting won't be available anytime soon.

The current way is the right one, as long as it is pluggable.

> But FPC is not the only kid on the block... I recently wrote some simple 
> code in C for Firebird 1.x (great SQL engine, originally from Borland), 
> and they do the same... rewriting all intl stuff from scratch. Tons of 
> code.  :-(

Why do you think this is? Code reuse is quite difficult in practice (while
fanatics step over problems easily).

It is just like in the real world. Taking a new one is often less work than
fixing the old one.

Code reuse must be a tool, not a purpose in itself.

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