[lazarus] building lazarus

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Tue Sep 17 09:51:15 EDT 2002

Which target? Assuming win32.

> "You need the GNU utils package to use this Makefile"
> What in heavens name is the GNU utils package.  I
> downloaded the latest fpc 1.0.6 completely, and did a
> full install.  Furthermore, I downloaded and installed
> some GNU file utilities from a freepascal ftp mirror
> site - I assume this is what is meant by "GNU utils
> package".
> Any pointers on what to do next ?  From what I read in
> the mailing list archives, I must be the only one not
> succeeding in doing a make.  The error message is
> frustratingly unclear to me.

The check is done on the existance of "pwd" or pwd.exe.

For win32, it seems to be in my c:\pp\bin\win32 directory, on Unix it is

Is your path variable set up correctly? And is the FPC directory named before
the cygwin one in your PATH?

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