[lazarus] Win32/GTK Colors

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 17 17:08:47 EDT 2002

I am working on getting System Colors to match the System theme under GTK, 
as much as is possible. For most those things that have been implemented 
they work great. However there are a few things which need ironing out, that 
will affect both the Win32 and GTK interfaces.

Issue #1:

In Delphi and Win32 you have to convert the SysColor value to the actual 
color. This is very stupid, esspecially for GTK. ColorToRGB makes true theme 
compatibility virtually imposible. So for this reason I have on my system, 
replaced every place in the LCL and Lazarus that I could find that calls to 
ColorToRGB, with the actual color reference.. This means that the handling 
of Whether or not it is a System Color has to be done by the interface, 
which makes much more sense anyway. In GTK this is mostly taken care of with 
my changes, but in Win32 we have to make sure that everywhere in the 
interface that it accepts/requires a Color value, that it calls to convert 
to the actual value for Win32, For instance in CreateSolidBrush, the Color 
has to be converted to actual color by calling to ColorTORGB before calling 
to the actual windows routine.

Issue #2 :
  In GTK there are different "system" colors for different widget modes. 
This means that what Font/Brush colors are depends on what state the Widget 
being drawn is in. For Completely custom drawn widgets this is not an issue, 
however for theme drawn widgets, such as TSpeedButton, this causes problems 
with the font color. The background is already taken care of in the 
interface side, but the font is drawn by calling to DrawText, which does not 
have any passed parameters which define what mode the Widget is in. My 
proposal for this, is that we create a set of Text Drawing routines for 
Theme compatibility. On Win32 these routines would simply ignore any extra 
passed params, and call to the standard DrawText, ExtTextOut, TextOut 
routines. But in GTK, the extra params would determine what FONT & GC would 
be used to draw the Text..

Comments, Questions, Ideas??


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