[lazarus] Updates

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Wed Sep 18 14:52:10 EDT 2002

Here is a new patch from Andrew ...

-Added Interface independant RoundRect routine
-Fixed Brush Hatch/Bitmap under GTK
-Switched all GTK backend colors to a new TGDIColor record
-a few minor graphics fixes
-removed all ColorToRGB references I could find
-switched SysColor checking to Interface portion
-GTK now attempts to use Style GC's for SysColors if possible
-Brush, pen etc colors are now allocated only when used
-Initial code references for Palettes, for future support
-Initial code in DrawFrameControl, for DFCS_BUTTONCHECK
   WARNING - this code is not always accurate, and depending
               your theme engine, can kill your program!!!

-misc. other stuff

On the initial code for GC dependent drawing -

this is GC dependent still, not Style dependent. This means that bad/poorly 
designed Themes will have problems, along with a few Engine themes. Example 
- most Xenophilia and EnGradient themes should work, though Gradients and 
advanced style features will not show up, but various Pixmaps engine themes 
will look awfull. This is not a flaw in the code persay, but rather a 
missing feature, and poorly designed themes. Many theme designers will 
ignore color settings in Pixmap themes, so the default is used, which may or 
may not be nice. (One such theme on my system is PES-RILY, a gray theme 
where clBtnFace is defaulted to BLACK!!)

If you find that your favorite/default theme is such a theme, you can a.) 
fix the theme ;), or b.) disable the code by recompiling lazarus with a 
-dDisable_GC_SysColors or with this flag enabled in gtkint.pp.

In time this may no longer be an issue, but don't hold your breath.. I have 
known these problems too show up in several various programs which use 
gtk/gnome PROPERLY, not just hacks like Lazarus.

Genius(in name only)

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