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Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 18 17:36:31 EDT 2002

On 18 Sep 2002 14:21:34 -0500
Tony Maro <tonym at nlisc.com> wrote:

>On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 13:54, Mattias Gaertner wrote:
well actually it was me.. he was just passing it along..

>>gtk/gnome PROPERLY, not just hacks like Lazarus.

>Are you calling my IDE of choice a...

>I get choked up saying it...


>I'm ashamed of you!


Wepedia's definition of Hack:

(v) 1. To write program code.
2. To modify a program, often in an unauthorized manner, by changing the 
code itself.

(n) 1. Code that is written to provide extra functionality to an existing 

2. An inelegant and usually temporary solution to a problem.

By my way of thinking, Much of the LCL currently falls under (N) #2.
And while 'an unauthorized manner' isn't exactly right, substiting 'an 
improper manner' or 'an illadvised manner' (V) #2 describes much of how 
Lazarus has in the past and currently still does tackle certain types of 
functionality.. portions of my new GC code falls under both. And
besides.. if you take the other two definitions at face value, every program 
library etc is a hack, therefore I choose to look at Lazarus as being simply 
a Hack (N) #1 of a Hack (V) #1, with the other two at times thrown in for 
fun!! hehe..


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