[lazarus] Screen.height

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Wed Sep 18 22:44:01 EDT 2002

I just learned why on some computers my drop-down calendar will appear in the middle of the screen...

If a window is created off the edge of the screen this happens.

The problem is, the "edge" is calculated according to where my gnome panel is.  Gnome panels are different sizes...

So, if I calculate the edge of the screen with screen.height and then attempt to make a window fit just within that I end up overlapping the panel, and it won't let me do that so the window pops to the middle.

Is there a way to calculate the _usable_ screen size?  In the LCL I see references to GetSystemMetrics, but what unit would I need in my uses to use that, and where can I find a list of the constants used to request a given metric?




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