[lazarus] Corrupted form

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 19 22:41:30 EDT 2002

umm this is wierd.. I can ALWAYS reproduce this problem.. I was fiddling 
with his form. and

a. deleted his "Edit" button..
b deleted his open dialog
c.deleted his "cancel" button
d moved his "new "button over a bit
e. saved all
f. closed lazarus
g. reopened

and on reopen I get the error.. every single  time. I can delete dif. 
components.. move a dif control it always happens for me..

but!! if I remove the ImgWithdrawal component.. then I never ever get this 

However when I do get error it is always within a few lines of where Tony 
pointed out so...
is it a problem with TImage? is it a problem with streaming? or maybe both?


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