[lazarus] Corrupted form

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Fri Sep 20 01:09:34 EDT 2002

I can live without a panel.  No problem there.

But, one more thing...

(seems like the more components I have the worse it gets...)

I just dumped the whole panel at the top idea and dropped labels directly on the form, moving down the transaction display.

Weird shee-it happend afterwards at run-time.  My notebook control at the bottom duplicates all the tabs and crashes if you click a tab.  The menu and other controls don't appear.  Delete the labels from the form and everything goes back to normal.

My latest version of the application is at: 

I can create the same labels at runtime without a problem.


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>One more thing... unrelated?  Andrew, try dropping a TCheckBox component on 
>that very top panel that has nothing on it.  Lazarus immediately crashes.

yep.. completely unrelated.. true GTK widgets have drawing problems on 
Panels.. Why ? I do not know. I haven't had a chance too look. Some 
components just don't display, others, specifically TCheckBox and 
TRadioButton(which are parent drawn, like TGraphicControls) kill the program 
in question...



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