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Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Fri Sep 20 17:11:06 EDT 2002

Gerry Ferdinandus wrote:

> Windows 32 interface is a long time project. So we need some ‘project 
> management method’ implemented here.
> a) To make this project success full we need some good documentation. 
> Like what is implemented at message level and things still need to be 
> done etc. So we need some agreement about the document structure and 
> the contents.
> People come and go. But documentation stays. If will also help other 
> potential windows interface programmer.

The best approach, i think, is have on mind one objective and go in this 
As you said lazarus/win32 is a big task, and we can't take as primary 
objective make it complete,
so i propose to divide the work in tree steps/objectives:

Make the win32 interface:

Where the principals properties/events/methods of the principals 
components work.
Where more components, properties/events/methods works
{Note that only recently lazarus/gtk got this state}
Description not necessary

Once we believe in this way, we must elect the 
components/properties/events/methods that are necessary to which step
and make the docs with these.
Basically i propose two types of doc (if we agree that it must exist):
One summary table with the state (3 or 4) of the property/event/method
One doc with one detailed table for which control.

> b) Testing tools.
> For testing our interface we need some testing programs. The Lazarus 
> examples are not suitable for our purpose. So we need some new one. 
> For example one program to test ALL the property and event of Tbutton. 
> An other program to test TComboBox etc. The new examples will also 
> benefit for the future ‘new’ interface project (native OS X interface?).
> This is a ‘long term investment’ for the Lazarus project. But we need 
> these testing tools.
> You need to test these new examples first on Linux/GTK system. (Dual 
> boot system is recommended working method). Because LCL+GTK is 
> ‘stable’ for programming and testing purpose.

At the moment i don't think that all properties must be tested (see 
above), only the most common.

> c) Win API knowledge.
> I thing most Delphi programmers does not know much about win 32 API. 
> Of show no interests in studying it. Because they are trained in 
> programming with component. This can be a problem for our goal. But 
> for point (b) you do not need to know the API. For point (a) Api 
> knowledge is recommended. I have a book ‘Programming windows 95’ by 
> Charles Petzold (1996) it’s about programming windows with visual C by 
> using API and not MFC. This is where I get my info about API.


> As you can see ‘hacking’ the Windows32 interface code now is not 
> professional for the long-term investment.

The lazarus project can't be thinked as professional because it relies 
on voluntary help ;-)

> So we must decide first if we want to ‘hacking’ now or follow the 
> above procedure.

For now let's see what other people think

> First thing we must know our limitation in both time and knowledge of 
> the subject. And do not get over excited about things.

Correct. We also have life

> I think the testing tools are the most important things for now. So I 
> suggest that we write ALL the testing tools and THEN make the decision 
> if we want start ‘hacking’ or start documenting (a).
>>> At this moment there are no win32 team group.
>>> You can send E-Mail directly to me for offline ‘work’ discussions.
>>> And team up with me?
>> I think the best place to discuss is in the maillist.
>> Are there some discussion about win32 in the developer maillist?
> I do not know. I am not on the win32 developer mailing list.
> (PS. For windows32 related post use [win32] in the subject)
>>> 3 Potential Windows32 interface programmer:
>>> Markus Lüdin E-Mail: markus at luedin.com
>>> Karl Brandt E-mail: pascalive at bol.com.br
>>> Gerry Ferdinandus E-mail: Gerry_ferdinandus at hotmail.com
>> How about keith bowes?
> I do not know if he is still interested in windows interface. Maybe he 
> can answer it for him self.

AFAIK he is the win32 mantainer.

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