[lazarus] TEdit control lacks a OnKeyPress event

Patik Martin Martin.Patik at rg.siemens.cz
Tue Sep 24 04:15:51 EDT 2002

It won't be so fast becouse I'm new to this project and I can
say that I'm a beginner in Lazarus. So first I have to understand
the source code and how all the staff is implemented and this
takes some time, but I'm very interested to this project
(... and also it is my project on a High school).
Thanks very much for information. If you don't mind, I will write
you my questions to get "in" more faster.


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Andrew Johnson wrote:
 > But until Mattias gets back from Vacation it can't
 > be committed to CVS.

If you have patches that you would like to get applied you can always 
send them to me. I can commit them as well. You don't have to wait for 
Mattias to get back.

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