[lazarus] TEdit control lacks a OnKeyPress event

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Tue Sep 24 09:32:58 EDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-09-23 at 19:35, Andrew Johnson wrote:

> However there does seem to be a GTK problem wherein changing the Key value 
> doesn't do anything, so if you were planning on making a Date Mask, or 
> filtering out non-numeric chars for a Money field, it won't work yet. I am 
> going to see how easy it is to fix. But until Mattias gets back from 
> Vacation it can't be committed to CVS. What you might consider doing if this 
> is the case though, is deleting the last char in the edit text if its not 
> one you want to allow. Obviously this is only a Temp. Hack but it might work 
> nonetheless.

MMm - well if I had a OnKeyUp then I could do the same thing I did for
my combobox autocompletes and adjust the .text after the char is placed
in it, as you describe.  However, I tried adding these to the
declaration and recompiling and the events didn't appear in the IDE - I
must have done something wrong.

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