[lazarus] Can't open Lazarus anymore...

Tony Maro TonyM at nlisc.com
Tue Sep 24 21:07:58 EDT 2002

I was just coding away and hit CTRL-F to pull up the find window.  It never appeared, but it DID show in the window list.  I couldn't tab to it.  Lazarus wouldn't do anything other than minimize and restore because it thought it had a modal dialog of FIND waiting for input.

I finally killed Lazarus and upon reopening I get...

Error reading /home/tony/.lazarus/codetoolsoptions.xml
Access violation
[Abort] [Ignore] (either button results in Lazarus closing)

Looking in that directory, the codetoolsoptions.xml file does not exist.

I renamed the project directory, opened lazarus, renamed the project directory BACK and then opened the project from the recent list.

The project opens and compiles just fine...

However, upon closing and reopening Lazarus (with the remembered project location) Lazarus crashes at start.

I imagine the project file is corrupted somehow, but any idea what I should look for?  What would be different when Lazarus first openes versus when opening a project after start?




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