Behavior of LCL Client Area (was: win32 development)

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at
Tue Sep 24 23:33:58 EDT 2002

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 00:21:59 -0300
"Karl Brandt "<pascalive at> wrote:

>AFAIK it wasn't applied(i updated cvs today)

wierd.. I update daily, and I tried to apply your patch before I wrote that 
and it told me, already applied do you want to remove... et al. So I assumed 
it was applied... hrmm.... And all my tests showed proper functionalitly 
which it didn't before your Patch... I dunno whats up..

>What i tried to do was the above (it's not complete!), although i disagree 
>this way.
>It looks like the WinControl.ClientHeight/Width act as 
>WinControl.Height/Width, so setting one or other will do the same thing.
>Please correct me if i'm wrong

This is why I said IF it is implemented properly. I wasn't sure.

>I think the best behavior is to implement ClientHeight/Width and 
>Height/Width as Delphi does:
>If you set the client sizes automatically the correct window sizes are set 
>and vice-versa,
>in this manner the lcl user could decide if he wants set the client or the 
>window size and makes ClientHeight/Width really useful.

Yes this is probably how it should be done for Win32

>One way to implement-it:
>Setting the ClientHeight would calculate the apropriate (Window)Height via 
>AdjustWindowRectEx (Now it's only a hack-> it would be done by the 
>Then the Height would be adjusted and the interface called to set the 
>desired size.
>The contrary would be true: Height -> ClientHeight

makes a sort of sense...

>>This is an incompatibility between X-Windows and Win32 design, not a 
>>problem in the Lazarus code.

>Is there a way to set the window size instead of client size in gtk?
>Is there a equivalent Windows.AdjustWindow(Client)RectEx in gtk?

This IS the incompatibility.. in XWindows the Border Width Height etc is 
determined by the window manager, which is a separate program, without any 
consistant standards or interface library to get this info from. Thus it is 
Impossible to set the Width/Height in the Win32 manner in an XWindows 
environment, unless you want to try and add support for every known  WM and 
keep adding more and more support.. AFAIK this is the only way we could make 
it work... As for the ClientRect, this is what setting Width/Height sets 
under GTK(except I think under Win32.. but I am not sure)


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