Behavior of LCL Client Area (was: win32 development)

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at
Wed Sep 25 00:17:19 EDT 2002

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002 01:08:08 -0300
"Karl Brandt" <pascalive at> wrote:

>I deleted the files and made new update again: the files are without the 
>patch :-(
>Do you guess what's wrong?

At the moment my laptop is disconnected from the internet so I cannot 
test..(its the only computer with windows) I will look into it tomorrow.

Just in case its a bad patch on my system, why don't you send the patch 
again(gzipped to be on the safe side) direct to my E-Mail address.

>I made a simple test and Height = ClientHeight under win32

well I don't have a windows system in front of me to test and the Win32 code 
isn't exactly easily browsed through.

>So in win32 would be diferent of gtk?

unfortunatly yes. in this area, and a few others. esp in regars to forms 
(border, system buttons, etc)

>In other words: there's no way to make client area work as i mentioned 
>before in gtk/lazarus :-\

Correct.. this is an area where Win32 should be as compatible as possible 
with Delphi for porting to lazarus reasons, but for new projects and 
projects ported to *nix ClienttArea should be used for cross-compiling 
reasons. If I find a way to make semi-compatibiity I'll implement it, but 
given what I have read in the X headers and in the X Specs, it doesn't look 


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