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Van: Vincent Snijders [mailto:vslist at zonnet.nl]
Verzonden: dinsdag 24 september 2002 17:28
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Onderwerp: Cross Compile HowTo WAS RE: [lazarus] Target OS

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: Tony Maro [mailto:tonym at nlisc.com]
> Onderwerp: Re: [lazarus] Target OS
> Sweet!  I love it!
> Gosh I love open-source!  **warm fuzzies**
> What exactly is "cross tools" - can you point me in the right direction
> to get my system prepared for using this?  Do I have to build the win32
> RTL and FCL units from inside Windows?  Have you written a How-To yet?
> ;-)
I can only discribe the steps I took. It works on my computer (maybe by
accident), and you may have less luck.

1. Download the GNU Binary Utility Development Utilities. For example from
but I think you get find it at a lot of places.

2. Install the package.

3. Create the following symlinks in /usr/bin:
ln -s /usr/bin/i386-mingw32-as /usr/bin/asw
ln -s /usr/bin/i386-mingw32-ld /usr/bin/ldw
ln -s /usr/bin/i386-mingw32-dlltool /usr/bin/dlltool
ln -s /usr/bin/i386-mingw32-windres /usr/bin/windres

4. Download a compatible version (depending on the compiler probably 1.0.7
as of now) of the rtl / fcl units for win32. Install them next to the linux
units in /usr/lib/fpc/1.0.x/units.

I think that's all I did to make this work.

As for using it. First you have to build the LCL for windows. Set the target
OS in the Build Lazarus Dialog on "win32". It then automaticly changes the
widgetset from gtk to win32.

Compiling a program for win32. Open the Compiler Optiosn Dialog. Change the
LCL widget type to win32 on the Search paths tab and the Target OS to win32
on the code generation tab.

If you want you can take this text, try out for yourself (after Mark has
applied the patches) and make it in a proper howto for the web site.


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