[lazarus] The mysterious SysUtils error...

Markku Niskanen markku.niskanen at iki.fi
Thu Sep 26 10:03:24 EDT 2002

Well, well...

I got some good advice from Tony, Vincent and Anrew and
downloaded the sources. The RPM package, however, seems
to be far from what a normal Linux user is accustomed to. After

rpm --install <package file name>

nothing happened as the RPM only contained a gzipped tar  archive of the
compiler sources and installer simply unpacked  this file to
/usr/src/linux/.../somehwere and I had to use the "find"  command to find
out the location.

After I located the tar.gz. it was relatively easy to continue.

I see Tony has updated his instructions which is a good thing. It might be
a good idea to throw out the RPM source thing completely as it only makes
things more complicated the way it is built now. Simple tar.gz with some
unpacking info is a lot better alternative.

Anyhow, I got the beast working now. Thanks to those who kicked me to the
right direction. Lazarus seems to have much more functionality now. Looks

markku.niskanen at iki.fi

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