[lazarus] lazarus GDK Pixbuf required Version

Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 15:33:10 EDT 2002

After all that trouble with Tony's About box, bitbtn's and all that. I have 
managed to trace down the problems with BitBtns on certain versions of 
GDKPixbuf. I tested the problem form against every single version of 
gdk-pixbuf, versions. .1 to .19, and discovered that versions less then .12 
have flawed Bitmap code(that is, if they have any). Now this problem is only 
made aparrent when combined with certain flaws in the initial lazarus 
support for bitmaps a few weeks ago. For instance if I create a Form put a 
bitbtn on it, and save using yesterdays lazarus from cvs. then try and open 
it on a system using gdk-pixbuf 0.11, it will open fine. However, if I 
created the form and BitBtn using a lazarus from 2-3 weeks ago, and then 
tried it, the program would bomb out on the pixbuf 0.11 system, but work on 
systems using 0.12 or greater. So for this reason based on my testing
I can state that in pixbuf mode, Lazarus requires gdk-pixbuf 0.9 or greater, 
however on account of this problem it is highly recommened 0.12 or greater, 
and the prefered version, on account of various bug fixes in the library, is 
0.15 or higher.


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