[lazarus] lazarus updates(New Patch)

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Fri Sep 27 17:54:50 EDT 2002

At 23:50 27-9-2002 +0200, Michal Bukovjan wrote:
>Marc Weustink wrote:
>To avoid this in the future, can you notify when there are new files to 
>add. In CVS files have to be added first before you can commit them. Since 
>I apply the patch, rebuild Lazarus, test Lazarus and finally I commit the 
>changes. CVS commit only shows a question mark on unknown files, in my 
>case a lot (temp files, bak, versions etc) so a new file is easally missed.
>Perhaps a .cvsignore file could be created?

I have one (or at least had one) and it filters most extentions (.o .ppu 
.bak etc)
At one point while we were working on the same files, I got lots of merge 
conflicts (and corresponding version files). I was to lazy to adjust it and 
now I got used to all questionmarks. I jump to the end of my update log and 
scroll up to see what is changed. The questionmarks are in the beginning 
and can/could be ignored


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