[lazarus] OnExit event...

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Sun Sep 29 22:33:18 EDT 2002

On Sun, 2002-09-29 at 20:56, Andrew Johnson wrote:
> >Yes.  But it's meant to be a workaround on modal forms where certain
> >things just weren't working right.  A modal form doesn't like when it
> >launches another form on top of the modal one apparently ;-D
> can you elaborate on this.. I tried basic modal on top of modal when I was 
> testing out the close/hide fix, and things seemed to work okay, but so far 
> you and I see seem to be on different worlds when it comes to these 
> problems. ;-)

This one is probably correct by nature, but it sounds like it worked for
you from your description.  I launch a modal form which then launches a
fsStayOnTop form above it.  The fsStayOnTop form is unable to get input
- the modal form under it prevents that apparently.  If I was running
windows I guess I'd probably hear the familiar "DING" when clicking the
calendar.  That's probably correct behavior and more a flaw in my
thought process of what I _expected_ to happen.
> hmmm. I would suggest first going back to the way it was, because I am 
> having absolutly no issues with your control, on modal forms, on modal on 
> top of modal et-al, so long as it uses show, not showmodal on the popup 
> form.  If you continue to have issues.. post them. better to try and do 
> things the proper way, and fix any issues resulting, then create a hack and 
> still have to go back and fix things later, after all these things are 
> problems in the LCL, which should be fixed anyway, and if I or anyone else 
> can fix them all the better for everybody, not just you.

Okay... I've tried so many things I've probably confused myself by now. 
I'll set it back that way and verify that it won't take input when used
from a Modal form.  If it works for you maybe I need to revert to an
older version of the calendar code and try that.



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