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Andrew Johnson aj_genius at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 29 22:59:54 EDT 2002

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Subject: Re: [lazarus] OnExit event...
Date: 29 Sep 2002 21:39:22 -0500

On Sun, 2002-09-29 at 20:56, Andrew Johnson wrote:
 > >Yes.  But it's meant to be a workaround on modal forms where certain
 > >things just weren't working right.  A modal form doesn't like when it
 > >launches another form on top of the modal one apparently ;-D
 > can you elaborate on this.. I tried basic modal on top of modal when I 
 > testing out the close/hide fix, and things seemed to work okay, but so 
 > you and I see seem to be on different worlds when it comes to these
 > problems. ;-)

>This one is probably correct by nature, but it sounds like it worked for
>you from your description.  I launch a modal form which then launches a
>fsStayOnTop form above it.  The fsStayOnTop form is unable to get input
>- the modal form under it prevents that apparently.  If I was running
>windows I guess I'd probably hear the familiar "DING" when clicking the
>calendar.  That's probably correct behavior and more a flaw in my
>thought process of what I _expected_ to happen.

>Okay... I've tried so many things I've probably confused myself by now.
>I'll set it back that way and verify that it won't take input when used
>from a Modal form.  If it works for you maybe I need to revert to an
>older version of the calendar code and try that.
oh.. oh.oh.oh!!! this is not a flaw in your thought process. this is what I 
was talking about the other day, fsStayOnTop doesn't do squat.. I was basing 
my tests on a system with my code for using popup, which caused problems in 
your code, so I switched back in the patch last night. Arrgh one fix causes 
another issue.. I have got to figure out why popup forms don't recive 
onleave code, or how to make a dialog form..stay on top!!!!


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