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Bob Wingard bwingard at gt.rr.com
Sat Aug 2 10:33:14 EDT 2003

Vincent Snijders wrote:

>Nice progress!
>I have a few remarks/questions:
>- The second FindFirst (used to look for subdirectories) in
>FindMatchingTextFiles needs a matching findclose.
Good eye, fixed.

>- In TLazFindInFilesDialog.DirectoryBrowseClick you use if then
>to append the path delimeter. You can use PathDelim from SusUtils unit
>or DirectorySeparator from the system unit (both part of fpc RTL). You
>might look also to AppendPathDelim in the FileCtrl unit (part of the
Again, you are correct. There is another decleration of AppendPathDelim 
off in the Codetools directory and that is the one that I originally 
saw. fixed.

>- Why do you use
>and not
>when you are looking for (sub)directories?
This works on Windows but will not return any files on Linux. I am not 
sure but I think it is because everything is a file under linux, so 
directories are files with the directory attribute set.

>Vincent Snijders.

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