[lazarus] Display option problem..

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sat Aug 2 14:10:23 EDT 2003

At 12:00 2-8-2003 -0500, Jesus Reyes wrote:
>Hi Marc, I've found some problems:
>Environment constructs like this:
>mc=() {  mkdir -p $HOME/.mc/tmp 2>/dev/null;
>  chmod 700 $HOME/.mc/tmp;
>  MC=$HOME/.mc/tmp/mc-$$;
>  /usr/bin/mc -P "$@" >"$MC";
>  cd "`cat $MC`";
>  rm -i -f "$MC";
>  unset MC

I can remember that I've seen such constructs. On my RH73 box it still is, 
however it is not a part of the environment, it is a shell function. IMO 
this one can be ignored.
On my RH9 box it is solved trough an alias.

However.... I've tried several combinations of startup on both boxes, I 
even created a test function myself, I couldn't get the function to show up 
in the run->environment options.

Can you tell me how to get it into the environment, then I can try to fix it.


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