[lazarus] Display option problem..

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sat Aug 2 16:59:09 EDT 2003

At 14:24 2-8-2003 -0500, Jesus Reyes wrote:
>  --- Marc Weustink <marc at dommelstein.net> escribió: > At 12:00
>2-8-2003 -0500, Jesus Reyes wrote:
> >
> > >Hi Marc, I've found some problems:
> > >One question: why is the debug
> > >process running between application runs?.
> >
> > Why not ?
> >
> > The idea was that firing up gdb once would gain some time .
> >
>Now that it's working I don't see why not ;), however before your
>fixes, it occured to me that the environment handling would be much
>easier ;).

The environment was accidently OK. When creating the process, the 
environment of gdb was set. And initially gdb copies it. But what if gdb 
requires a different environment than the debuggee ?

>by the way another question: are you planning to add a debug console,
>so the user can 'talk' to the debugger?

I've been thinking about it. The debugger class has an option for it, but I 
used that only for debugging. One has to know exactly what one is doing, 
otherwise one would interfere with normal operation.
For instance:
* setting or worse removing breakpoins
* executing mi or non mi commands (the parsing of the result difers)

What commands would you like ?


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