[lazarus] Fix for FindInFiles

David Creelman dave at geko.net.au
Sun Aug 3 17:13:19 EDT 2003

Hi Bob,

Regarding books that have good VCL coverage, I would recommend the
following :-

Delphi Component Design
Danny Thorpe
ISBN 0-201-46136-6
This book is fairly advanced and covers lots of fairly low level aspects
of component design. I think Danny Thorpe worked on the Borland Delphi
team at some stage. Very good book.

Developing Custom Delphi Components
Ray Konopka
ISBN 1-883577-47-0
Several editions. Not quite as in depth as the above book. Fits
somewhere in between books like 'Delphi in 21 Days' and the previous
book. A good book.

Another one is the Delphi Developer's Guide, which covers how to get
around in Delphi development. It's breadth is great, but it's depth re:
VCL is not so great. It is useful though.

Hope this helps somewhat.


On Sun, 2003-08-03 at 23:35, Bob Wingard wrote:
> The search text was not getting passed to the findandreplace dialog 
> correctly, this fixes it. Once a file is selected from the messageview 
> window F3 will continue the search within the selected file.
> A few questions.
> 1. I want to save the directory search paths that the user selects, 
> should I extend the InputHistory class?
> 2. On the dirsel dialog, I want to add folder images to the dialog, 
> should I try and determine the icon that is being used by the user's 
> current theme? If so is there somthing in Lazarus that already does this?
> 3. Can anybody recomend a good Delphi book, foucs on the internals of 
> the VCL? I have a copy of  "Teach yourself Delphi in 21 days" that I 
> bought before an interview, in a land far away and a long time ago.  It  
> came with a copy of the learning eddition of Delphi 1. I can't find the 
> CD now though.
> 4. Does FPC or Lazarus get a check from Amazon if I purchase a book off 
> the link from the website?
> Bob

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