[lazarus] Lazarus and fpc 1.1

Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Aug 14 15:37:17 EDT 2003

 --- Vincent Snijders <vslist at zonnet.nl> escribió: > Hi,
> Attached is a patch for utrace.pp and grids.pp/
> It removes the redundant TAssertProc definition and uses define
> VER1_1
> instead of NEW1_1 to compiler. The lcl can be compiled with fpc
> 1.1.
> I want to use fpc 1.1 for lazarus, so we can use interfaces
> and use the win32 browse for folder dialog.
> I cannot compile synedit with fpc 1.1. It gives a duplicate label
> error.
> Is there a list of fpc bugs which prevent fpc 1.1 to compile
> lazarus?
> Vincent.

You can workaround the problem wrapping the boolean expression that
fails between "(", ")". The problem its known to the fpc team and
they made a test program for it. I wish you luck compiling lazarus
with the current 1.1 compiler!.

Jesus Reyes A.

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