[lazarus] [OT] cannot post to fpc-devel

Dominik Zablotny behebkumkulkum at wp.pl
Fri Aug 15 06:06:34 EDT 2003

Dnia czw 14. sierpnia 2003 21:51, Marc Weustink napisał:

> The above message means that the server you send mail through (smtp.wp.pl =
> is listed by dslb as being a open relay mailserver. The
> receiving mail server ( = lists.freepascal.org =
> gatekeeper.vhl.tudelft.nl) doesn't like such open relays and blocks it.

Thank you for explanation, I'll try to change email provider.

Domink Zablotny
JID: domin at chrome.pl  http://www.lazarus.w.pl

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