[lazarus] CVS Updates

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Fri Aug 15 12:50:40 EDT 2003

Hi all,

TApplication now uses the TCustomApplication in custapp.pp, which is new in
fpc 1.0.10. Are there still users who use 1.0.7?


- TApplication is now a descendant of TCustomApplication, which 
  provides some useful methods and properties for command line
- added Run -> Abort Build
- reduced repaints during cursor moving in TSynEdit
- replaced show compiler options message dialog with a dialog 
  with a TMemo. Now you can copy the command line options more 
- TBitmap now saves written stream. Accelerates streaming.
- added TSelectDirectoryDialog to dialogs.pp and IDE palette.
- LazConf.pp now has a shared include file for linux and bsd.
- the messages view now supports blocks, so that compilation tasks 
  that consists of several steps keeps all messages.
- New lcl unit: lcl/intfgraphics.pas
  Contains TLazIntfImage, TLazAVLPalette, TLazReaderXPM and 
  TLazIntfImage is a TFPCustomImage descendant, which is able to
  store and edit images in lcl interface specific data format.
  Usage is quite easy and much faster than Get/PutPixel calls.
  For example: TLazReaderXPM is up to 6 times faster than the 
  gdk1 internal xpm reading function.
  It already supports 1,15,16,24 bit depths and transparency for 
  the gtk interface. Palettes are not yet implemented.
  To use it, you need fpImage (in the cvs fpc 1.0.10 or 
  the coming fpc 1.0.10a). Next step is to imbed it in TPixmap 
  and implement the TPNG class. Any volunteers?


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