[lazarus] WOL-LCL

Prof. Roberto A. Berrospe Machin binaryuniverse at binaryuniverse.com
Fri Aug 15 15:49:25 EDT 2003

Whos the developer of the Lazarus WINAPI Version?
So, you can take the WOL Library as an example for the WINAPI Version of LCL
;)  I Have tested the WOL and works good, is practicly the same thing of
LCL, I mean, the mode of use; but i really like to have the LCL working fine
under linux and LCL working fine in WINAPI, i dont like to use two separated
libraries :)

Im not good analizing pascal source code, but i thing as i can see, the WOL
is very close to lazarus LCL library in the source code.. you can download
WOL in

Grettings.. LCL is the max ;)

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