[lazarus] Trouble with crosscompiling

Jeroen van Iddekinge iddekingej at lycos.com
Sun Aug 17 05:20:59 EDT 2003

sw is the windows assembler file.
I think I had the same problem with linux. Problerly in version 1.0.10 
the compiler compares the time of the unit file with the object file.
I don't know why but, somtimes the .ow file has an earlier time stamp 
than the .ppu file. This has maby somtimes to do with the
order in wich the file is produced or when the unit file is closed 
(after the assembler is run).
I dont know....



>When I cross compile the win32 intf, I get very often a strange message
>PPU Check file
>/home/mattias/pascal/wichtig/lazarus/lcl/units/interfacebase.ow time
>2003/08/17 10:33:00
>PPU Check file
>/home/mattias/pascal/wichtig/lazarus/lcl/units/interfacebase.sw time Not
>Recompiling unit, obj and asm are older than ppufile
>This happens when I add an -d option or I add/remove a {$DEFINE bla}
>somewhere in the LCL code. The position of the {$DEFINE} (interface or
>implementation) is not important.
>Two questions:
>What is an .sw file?
>Has anybody seen this bug?
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