[lazarus] Freepascal/Lazarus newbie

Kim Boulton kim at evolutioncreative.net
Wed Aug 20 13:12:28 EDT 2003


What's a gtk?

Is there any tutorial or any information to get me started on this bearing
in mind I have very little experience of Linux and have only had MacOsX
installed for a few days. It all looks very confusing at the moment.

I just want to port my Delphi applications to MacOs X without having to
rewrite them from scratch in C.



> I don't if there is a gtk for Mac OS and how stable it is. If there is
> no stable gtk for MacOs, then we 'll have to write a new
> interface(object) for it. That could take much longer (think years,
> looking at the win32 interface) than porting fpc to the Mac OS.
> Vincent.
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