[lazarus] Text file database as a first step...?

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sat Aug 23 06:32:16 EDT 2003

On 23 Aug 2003 04:12:27 -0600
Tom Lisjac <netdxr at adelphia.net> wrote:

> > ... But we're still
> > thinking about a good package format. Maybe a mix between fpcmake and
> > lazarus package manager would be good, if we can make the package
> > manager in a command-line version.

Peter Vreman had the same idea and I like the idea too. But in general,
fpcmake and the lazarus package system are quite different. fpcmake is a
Makefile generator and the other is a graphical dependency manager for fpc
commands. A Makefile is file based, supports a lot of macros and uses the
environment vars. Lazarus otoh is package based, supports inheritance and no
variable depends on external programs.
So, when combining both systems, we will loose some of the Makefile
The first step is to reorder some of the package system code ...

> Regarding package design, I'll toss in something that I've come across a
> few times when converting existing code.
> The release docs for the SGraph package state that the sources can only
> be redistributed in an unmodified form.

Is it possible to distribute a modified version plus the original sources?

> I've tried to contact the author
> about waiving this requirement but haven't been successful... so for the
> moment, we're stuck with applying diffs before the compile/install. 
> I'm not sure how often this will come up, but it would be easier to deal
> with if the packager could run a pre-install script (like rpm and deb)
> that would automatically apply the patches.

Hmm. Sounds like distributing a modified version plus the original sources.
But I'm not a lawyer.


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