[lazarus] Lazarus crash on Win32

Micha Nelissen M.Nelissen at student.tue.nl
Mon Aug 25 11:29:45 EDT 2003

Horacio Jamilis wrote:

> If you tell me how I will do it.
> I am trying.
> I compiled with fpc 1.0.10
> I hope the next is the stack back trace: (bt)
> #0  $006ccc43 in PCHAR_TO_ANSISTR (A=$0, P=$a918) at astrings.inc:266
> #1  $0068d3bd in PROPENUMPROC (WINDOW=656794, STR=$a918, DATA=-1) at
> win32callback.inc:66

Okay, now we getting there. Now when you start gdb type:
- 'file lazarus.exe'  (you did that, i guess)
- 'b win32callback.inc:66'
- 'run'
- when it stops on win32callback.inc:66, step into the PCHAR_TO_ANSISTR 
function with 's', then print some variables 'print a', and 'x/s p', 
which dumps the string at location p.



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