[lazarus] Forms BorderStyle and Default Font of Canvas (win32)

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Tue Aug 26 23:28:19 EDT 2003

Here's a patch that implements the BorderStyle of forms. I took as 
reference the Delphi appearance. I didn't get how to do bsNone.

It also make GetStockObject returns DEFAULT_GUI_FONT when asked for 
SYSTEM_FONT with a small hack, although i think that the best way is to 
change LCL (at Tcanvas and TPromptDialog) to uses DEFAULT_GUI_FONT 
instead of SYSTEM_FONT which is more intuitive/logical.
This will not affect gtk, since DEFAULT_GUI_FONT redirects to SYSTEM_FONT.

BTW:is necessary to call SelectObject twice in TPromptDialog.LayoutDialog?

Mattias, can you change BorderStyle of Object Inspector to 
bssizetoolwin? (like in Delphi)


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