[lazarus] someone has a virus on the list :(

Markku Niskanen markku.niskanen at iki.fi
Wed Aug 27 06:27:14 EDT 2003

>Received: from ACAT_2 ([]) { Real Ip }

Yes, this is exactly the same sender that I get viruses
from and I get them at least half-a-dozen a day.

I have already reported about this user to Telekom  Austria
as that is where the sender seems to be from:

inetnum: -
netname:      TA-HIGHWAY-LLC
descr:        Highway Customers
descr:        Telekom Austria Aktiengesellschaft
country:      AT

So, if  Mr. ACAT_2 is on the list, please remove the
virus from your system.

markku.niskanen at iki.fi

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