[lazarus] The site is Baaaaaaaaaack!

Marius Popa Adrian mapopa at reea.net
Sat Aug 30 11:35:43 EDT 2003

On Sat, 30 Aug 2003 05:11:47 -0500
"Michael A. Hess" <mhess at miraclec.com> wrote:

> Greetings,
> Well I have finally been able to get the site back up. Thank you for 
> your patients in this matter. I took the opportunity to do alot of major 
> stuff. I installed a new router and firewall. I installed a new MUCH 
> faster server. In fact I setup and installed 4 new servers to split up 
> the different services. Then I upgraded the web servers OS which of 
> course upgraded the version of Apache and PHP. Sooooooooo. I had to 
> upgrade the version of PostNuke being used. Since this was a big jump in 
> versions of PostNuke I had to rewrite and tweek alot of the custom 
> modules I have included in the site.
> Then in addition to that I have added a NEW FORUMS section to the web 
> site. Now we will be able to have online discussion forums in addition 
> to the regular mailing list.  Yeah.

Wee forums :) time to post on them 

> In the next several days I will be installing a Wiki on the site so that 
> we can start doing some documentation colaboration on the site in an 
> attempt to get some documentation for what is becoming a very classy 
> product.  :-)

I think is a good choice , with wiki is easy to write docs 

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