[lazarus] Problems building LCL documentation

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Sun Aug 31 19:02:56 EDT 2003

Using Slackware 9.0 (or Kurumin 2.01) + fpc 1.0.10.
Problems i found:
1) had to change from bin/bash to bin/sh to make the scripts (update*.sh 
and make_all_skell.sh) work
2) running update_html -> error: dirsel.xml not found so
3) run make_all_skell at lcl dir -> will break in forms.pp and graph*.pp
4) after creating dirsel.xml and runing updateHtml i got the following 
Writing 7433 pages...
An unhandled exception occurred at 0x080518EA :
EACCESSVIOLATION : Access violation

Should this be reported to sg at freepascal.org or is it a script problem?

PS: tried to compile CVS version without sucess. Tried 
http://fpdoc.freepascal.org for lastest source but link is broken


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