[lazarus] Releasing Lazarus ?

Eduardo Lopez edulopez at keko.com.ar
Mon Feb 3 14:37:10 EST 2003


I'm a newbie with Lazarus and FPC, and I expect that both projects grow 
and they be consolidated like tools of development.

Some days ago, I was listening a conference about GNOMEDB and when spoke 
of the different languages named to Pascal, but they said that was a 
project almost dead.

I felt myself very sad, because I know that the project is living, but 
perhaps since outside has another vision.

 From Argentina, I congratulate for the effort that carry out.

Eduardo López

Rainer Hamann escribió::
>>Michael.VanCanneyt at wisa.be wrote:
>>>I've been working with Lazarus lately, and was wondering what is stopping
>>>the team from making an initial release of lazarus ?
>>Short of time.
>>I will have time again in two weeks.
>>>If you're waiting for package support, don't hold your breath, since that
>>>may still take a  while. It's a 1.1 issue, and currently compiler
>>>development is delayed a bit.
>>The package system will be started even without full lib support. There are
>>a lot of other important features like online help, documentation and
>>lazarus rpms/debs.
>>>Since 1.0.8 will be released hopefully in the not too distant future, it
>>>might be an opportunity to prepare a beta of lazarus as well ?
>>IMHO the bug list is too long for a beta. OTOH a beta might raise more
>>devels. What do the others think? Should we create rpms, debs, install
>>scripts and go beta?
> You should go beta, when online help is available like it is in Delphi by 
> placing the cursor in a key word and pressing <F1>.
> On Thuersday, February, 13th, I'm advertising some teachers in how to teach 
> database applications with Delphi/MySQL. I'll show them Lazarus/MySQL, 
> discuss with them about Lazarus and post their opinions to the mailing list 
> as soon as possible (may be it will be on Saturday, no time before?)
> Rainer Hamann
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