[lazarus] debian

Roland Kruggel rkruggel at bbf7.de
Tue Feb 4 07:00:11 EST 2003

hi all,

ich will install the fcp on a debian system. debian woody, 
2.4.20, kde3.1.

I have download the binary rpm packet. when i install this packet 
ther is a error like this:

<st  '//usr/local/lazarus/fpc-1.0.7-laz.20020921.i386.rpm';echo 
error: cannot open Conflictname index using db3 - No such file or 
directory (2)
error: failed dependencies:
	/bin/sh   is needed by fpc-1.0.7-laz.20020921
	/bin/sh   is needed by fpc-1.0.7-laz.20020921

db3 is installed. /bin/sh also.

Who can help.
many thanx


Roland Kruggel		mailto: rkruggel at bbf7.de
System: AMD 1200Mhz, Debian 3.0 testing, 2.4.20, KDE 3.0.4

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