[lazarus] TDBGrid

Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Fri Feb 7 18:01:14 EST 2003

Hi, I'm working in a Tdbgrid component until now, I
got a readonly dbgrid but i think, for the moment, it
could be tested/useful by/to someone. 

I have made a number of changes to grids.pas and
fcl/db so I uploaded an archive to

There you will find a test project with a grid Sharing
two TMySQLDatasets and one TIBQuery.
Instead of making TGridLink derivative I made a
TComponentDataLink so it could be useful to any kind
of db component.

Sorry, I can't do a cvs diff right now :(

Oh, did someone know why after installing Kylix 3 Open
Edition, gdb doesnt print ansistrings as before, i.e
(gdb)p s [RETURN] ---> $1 "the string" or something
like that, now it prints: $1 = (PCHAR) $NNNNN. I just
Can't remember if have to do something to gdb. I
defined a new pf command which does a printf
"%s",%arg0 but I'm curious. Thanks.


Jesus Reyes A.

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