[lazarus] compiling lazarus in linux. Error while linking

Roman Shiryaev mih_val at mail.ru
Sun Feb 9 13:20:12 EST 2003

[roman at localhost lazaruslinux]# make

<skipped - without error before this place>

Assembling lazarus
Linking ./lazarus
/usr//bin/ld: cannot find -lX11			<====What it means? Where i had find this -lX11?
lazarus.pp(302) Error: Error while linking
Closing script ./ppas.sh
make[1]: *** [lazarus] Error 1
make: *** [ide] Error 2

[roman at localhost rmn]$ cat /etc/ld.so.conf

Please, explain me what to do and what to add to my conf. I can't find the path to lX11.

	Roman Shiryaev		mailto:mih_val at mail.ru
Registered Linux user #302871	Russia, Petrozavodsk

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