[lazarus] compiling lazarus in linux. Error while linking

Roman Shiryaev mih_val at mail.ru
Sun Feb 9 17:30:40 EST 2003

÷ ÓÏÏÂÝÅÎÉÉ ÏÔ 10 æÅ×ÒÁÌØ 2003 01:08 Marc Weustink ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌ:

> ><skipped - without error before this place>
> >
> >Assembling lazarus
> >Linking ./lazarus
> >/usr//bin/ld: cannot find -lX11                 <====What it
> > means? Where i had find this -lX11?
> it is looking for libX11.so  (the option -l@@@ means look for
> lib@@@.so) It is generally provided by the devel-package of
> the package which provided lib@@@.so.x.y
> In your case the XFree86-devel package must be installed
> (assuming you are using XFree86). If you don't want to install
> the devel-package, creating a symlink libX11.so ->
> libX11.so.x.y will mostly work.

Thank you very much! Compilation completed! :)

What about the russian component's name. Now it's shout that `not valid name`? 

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