[lazarus] TComboBox, X-Reset...

Luis R. Hilario B. LuisDigital at BonBon.net
Wed Feb 12 14:46:00 EST 2003

Hello all,


Clicking on the button of Scroll and moving a little the Mouse selects 
the first Item.

System X makes Reset when initiating Lazarus, sometimes.
Causing having to make Login again.
Also I have noticed the problem with great programs.  The problem 
happens to the 3 seconds to execute Lazarus.
In other occasions after displaying the forms that are being designed.

Functions of the IDE (or RAD?)

To save new units

When saving a unit of a project, the dialogue to save would have to 
always show the directory of the project.

To copy and To paste

To copy and to paste objects would be a very useful characteristic 
and/or to duplicate objects.

Special characters (Symbols)
Continuous the problem of the special characters in the Edit (in the 
other windows it works well).

Questions on GTK2
Can be compiled Lazarus with GTK2, that is, everything is ready?
What can be hoped, more stability, better operation of the components, 
colors, etc.?

Gracias por su atención.

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