[lazarus] New Project

Bruno Alejandro bruno at vias.com
Mon Feb 17 18:53:01 EST 2003

Hi to all!!

I like lazarus, and I work with linux RH 8.0

I have a problem, and with one friend I found a solution...

The problem is that the web editors for linux are so small and don't
have the power I need... I know that a good coder can work with a note
pad, but, I think that if we have a tool like dreamweaver in linux, the
time of coding is faster... or not???

Then, I want to start a new project like this, but developed in lazarus
and freepascal... 

What do you think??? I know that I'm not an advanced programmer or some
thing like that, but I know too that here are a really great
programmer's and I like to learn each day new things, that's why I want
to start this, because this project will help some one with this kind of
editor and I will learn more about freepascal and lazarus.

I create a yahoo groups account if you like to help me with this..

edlinwx at yahoogroups.com

Bruno Chavez

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