[lazarus] MySQL and Lazarus.

Michael.VanCanneyt at Wisa.be Michael.VanCanneyt at Wisa.be
Wed Feb 19 15:47:43 EST 2003

> Hi, I would like to test this, can you pack the project so I can open
> with lazarus?. Thanks.
> About dataset components, some days ago I released in this list an
> archive with some test work about TDBGrid + TDataSource + Demo using
> TDataSet derivatives as TIBQuery and TMySQLDataset. Some changes in
> fcl/db must be done to get TDataSource working, but i put all files
> in one directory so is not necesary to modify  original files (only
> grids.pas [included] which need to go temporally to lcl directory)
> here is the link again:
> http://mx.geocities.com/jesusrmx/lazarus/dbgrid.tar.gz

I've downloaded it and studied it a bit. I've noticed you changed the buffer
handling; This is good, I needed to do this anyway, sometimes there was a
crash in the old mechanism, and I never understood why.

Do the TDataset/TDatasource work correctly now ? if yes, I will use your
changes in the FCL if this is OK with you ?


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