[lazarus] Icons for syn

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Wed Feb 19 19:42:50 EST 2003

On 19 Feb 2003 17:43:40 -0600
Bruno Alejandro <bruno at vias.com> wrote:

> In the attach I send you the original icons for the syn in the SynEdit
> palette, the other palette are many other, then will take more time...

I have added SynEdit to the component palette. I did not double check, but
it seems there is a bug in the current 1.0.7. It returns invalid strings for
the TSynEdit.BorderStyle enums.
The other problem is that the default unitpath/srcpath do not include the
synedit directories. You have to add them manually in the compiler options.
Quite easy, because they are in the templates, but newbies will get "unit
not found" errors and don't know what to do.
When the package system is implemented, I will create a synedit package,
which will solve this problem. 


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